Negotiations are currently in progress to secure a three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The focus is on facilitating the release of approximately a dozen hostages held by Hamas. This information comes from two Egyptian officials, a United Nations representative, and a Western diplomat, all speaking on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the diplomatic efforts.

This agreement aims to facilitate the entry of additional aid, including a restricted supply of fuel, into the besieged territory, offering relief to the deteriorating conditions faced by the 2.3 million Palestinians trapped there. The negotiations are being facilitated by Qatar, Egypt, and the United States, as reported by the officials and the diplomat involved.

According to one of the Egyptian officials, discussions on the details of the deal took place in Cairo this week, involving the visiting CIA chief and an Israeli delegation. The official mentioned that mediators are currently finalizing a draft agreement.

A senior US official stated that the Biden administration has not specified a particular timeframe for a halt in Israel’s military operations but has suggested linking the duration of the pause to the release of a certain number of hostages. The official also noted that if an agreement on the pause’s duration and the number of hostages to be freed is achieved and the deal is successfully implemented, the same approach could be considered for subsequent pauses and releases.

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