Pakistan has tested an Ababeel nuclear missile again on 18th oct 2023, capable of carrying multiple warheads capable of attacking different targets.

The weapon was last tested on January 24, 2017. The test aimed to revalidate various design, technical parameters, and performance evaluations. The Ababeel missile, which has a 2,200-kilometer range, was developed to ensure the survival of Pakistan’s ballistic missiles in a region where state actors are bolstering countermeasures. The long time between tests was likely due to efforts to improve technical and performance parameters.

The Ababeel missile is considered the most important engineering milestone for Pakistan’s nuclear triad in almost two decades and a major breakthrough in improving the survivability of land-based strategic forces against a preemptive Indian counterforce strike. It also enhances Pakistan’s targeting choices and fits well into full-spectrum deterrence by allowing the ability to hit from amongst a wide variety of targets.

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