Rockets and Missiles are both projectiles designed to carry explosives towards a target.

The main difference is that a rocket is an unguided projectile propelled by a rocket engine, while a missile is guided.

First Rocket

The first rockets were used by the Chinese in the 13th century during Mongol invasions. Over time, rockets have evolved into weapons like the Bazooka and RPG-7. They can be fired with a simple rocket launcher or mounted on launchers in combating with helicopters and fighter planes.

First Missile

The first operational guided missile (Fritz X) was developed by Nazi Germany during World War II, using a mechanical autopilot. The first victim was the HMS Egret, a British Royal Navy ship.

Types of missiles: 

Tactical missiles are short-range missiles used on the battlefield to destroy specific targets.

Ballistic missiles are long-range missiles with a ballistic trajectory, ranging from a few dozen kilometers to over 10,000 kilometers.

Cruise missiles are long-range missiles that do not leave the atmosphere, allowing them to fly at low altitudes and be less easily detected.

Hypersonic missiles are very fast missiles that can travel up to 5 times the speed of sound, making them difficult to detect.

Comparison Between Rocket and Missile


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