Spain’s Princess Leonor has gained immense popularity as she turns 18, breaking protocol at a military academy celebration. The princess, who is set to become the first queen of Spain in the modern era, has gained attention from the country. On her 18th birthday, she will swear allegiance to the Constitution, and Spain is gripped with ‘Leonormania’.

However, some people question whether the princess’s popularity is due to natural charm or if her behavior is part of a plan to create the perfect queen. With her innocent face, blue eyes, and permanent smile, Princess Leonor has managed to win over the Spanish people and renew the image of the royal house. She has also managed to silence voices critical of her controversial grandfather, former King Juan Carlos, who’s actions, such as his elephant hunting expedition, secret stache of cash in Switzerland, and harassment lawsuit filed by his former lover Corinna Larsen, caused his popularity to plummet.

Despite the challenges, Princess Leonor has managed to reconcile the Spanish with the Crown. The level of support for the princess is difficult to determine, as the Spanish Sociological Research Centre hasn’t asked about the royal family since 2015.

Leonor, the youngest member of the Spanish royal family, has become the most popular member of the royal family, surpassing even her father Felipe VI. The popularity of Leonor is attributed to her lack of public attention for years, leading to a surge in interest in her identity. According to Fernando Rayón, a journalist and professor of political information at CEU San Pablo University, Leonor’s charisma, discretion, prudence, and organization have made her a symbol of normality, allowing the Spanish people to identify with her.

Support for Leonor is so widespread that only 21% of Spaniards think she is not well prepared for her role as head of state. Her success has led many to wonder if Leonormania was created by the Zarzuela Palace’s communication team.

Non-verbal communication expert José Luis Martín Ovejero agrees with Rayón, stating that Leonor does not need a communication campaign because she attracts people’s sympathy on her own. She shows natural and happy behavior through both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Little is known about Leonor’s private life and interests, but her importance on the national stage has skyrocketed. Non-verbal communication expert José Luis Martín Ovejero claims that Leonor is in the spotlight more than her predecessors because the media has not reached the public as much as social networks do now. This is reflected in a 37% increase in Google searches related to Leonor.

Although Leonor could be the most charismatic European princess, at a national level, she will have to win over political parties and groups that are hostile to the royal family, including politicians who will not attend her swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

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