Pakistan has commenced the departure of over 30 families of around 1,000 Afghan nationals from the country via the Torkham border crossing, following the deadline set by the federal interior minister. The officials have designated a parking area for returnees in Torkham, with staff deployed to attend to them and complete their registration. Afghan families residing in various Pakistani cities without proper legal documents have initiated their return to their home country to avoid arrest and humiliation.

The Foreign Office clarified that Pakistan’s national policy on Afghan refugees remains unchanged, stating that the government continues to host 1.4 million Afghan refugees with exemplary generosity and empathy despite resource constraints and economic challenges. The policy envisages a phased and time-bound repatriation of all illegal foreigners residing in Pakistan, including cases of individuals overstaying their visas and not possessing valid documentation.

Pakistan remains in contact with Afghan authorities and will continue to engage with them on bilateral matters, including the safe return of refugees. The country has expressed concerns about terrorism emanating from Afghanistan and will continue to engage with Afghan authorities to fight this threat. The repatriation of illegal immigrants will follow Pakistani laws, with the process proceeding based on the number of immigrants in Pakistan and their return arrangements. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for law and order. Pakistan and Afghanistan continue bilateral trade and transit trade, and the spokesperson clarified that Pakistan will not accept misuse of existing trade facilities. The foreign minister stated that Pakistan’s position on the Palestine issue is clear and consistent, with a two-state solution being essential for peace in the Middle East.

Pakistan and Afghanistan held a high-level meeting in Tibet, where Pakistan reaffirmed its commitment to strengthen bilateral ties with Kabul. The meeting took place at an international conference organized by China, and the meeting was the first since Pakistan announced its decision to ask all illegal aliens and migrants to leave the country. Pakistan’s interim Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jilani and Afghan counterpart Amir Khan Muttaqi discussed the decision regarding the expulsion of illegal foreigners from Pakistan from November 1, which would not be revisited. The decision is not specific to Afghan illegal immigrants but will cater to those living in Pakistan without legal authority. The Afghan foreign minister will visit Pakistan for further discussion next week. Pakistan’s interim foreign minister appreciated the command of Imaarat Afghanistan Amir Mulla Haibutullah’s commitment to preventing Afghan soil from being used for subversive activities. Afghanistan’s acting Defense Minister Mullah Yaqub called Pakistan’s decision “inhumane and barbaric” and urged Pakistani religious scholars and the international community to review it.

Pakistan has banned nuts, fruits, and home appliances from being taken to Afghanistan, following a 10 percent processing fee imposed on several items imported under the ATTA. The move aims to reduce financial losses from Afghan transit trade.

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