The U.S. Army has delivered the first Precision Strike Missiles, marking a major milestone for the PrSM program and one of 24 major modernization programs the Army aims to deliver by the end of 2023.

The missiles will provide Joint Force commanders with a 24/7, all-weather capability that counters the enemy’s ability to conduct combat maneuver and air defense operations.

The PrSM program, which can launch from both the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System and the M270A2 Multiple Launch Rocket System, is critical to the service as it seeks a deep-strike capability that can counter Russian and Chinese technologies. Both European- and Indo-Pacific-based U.S. commanders have been eager to receive the capability.

The program originally began as a competition between Lockheed Martin and RTX (formerly Raytheon Technologies), but the latter struggled to get the weapon ready for flight tests during the program’s technology maturation and risk reduction phase.

The Army approved the PrSM program to move into the engineering and manufacturing development phase in September 2021, awarding Lockheed a $62 million contract for early operational capability production. The service awarded Lockheed another $158 million a year later for additional early operational-capability PrSMs.

The Army is planning add-ons, including an enhanced seeker and technology to provide increased lethality and extended range.

The priority for the PrSM in the near term is to pursue a maritime, ship-killing capability. Lockheed Martin and an RTX and Northrop Grumman team will compete for a subsequent phase of the PrSM program.

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